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Myndr offers bespoke Mental Health Workshops to businesses across the UK. Our sessions are not clinical or lecture based. Instead we keep things informal and light, so that everyone can use this time for discussion, reflection and planning.

Myndr workshops begin with inspirational stories from our founders about their own experiences with Mental Illness and recovery. 

Emma will share her experiences of Social Anxiety, which left her housebound, her struggles with communication before being diagnosed on the Autistic Spectrum and how she turned everything round to become an Award Wining Entrepreneuer. 

Lizzy will discuss her times in psychiatric institutes in Amercia as a teenager, her struggles with eating disorders and addiction and how she changed everything to become North East Young Entrepreneur of The Year twice in a row (and now TEDx speaker!). 

After questions and informal discussion, we provide a range of themed topics on common reasons which affect our mental health. You can see some of our most popular mental health workshops here. We plan these topics and workshops with you, so that you are getting the most appropriate sessions for your staff.


mental health vs. mental illness

We often find a lot of confusion about the terms mental health and mental illness, even amongst mental health trainers. 

Everyone has mental health. Even those who say they don’t.

Mental health is essentially the health and wellbeing of how we are feeling and behaving in society. Many things can affect this… stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, relationships, health, debt, a bad day at work etc. The symptoms of these things can have a wide ranging effect on how we feel and behave. We’ll cover some of these topics, based on the experiences of real people. We’ll discuss some of these in our workshops and how we can become more resilient. We will also talk about practical tools which can be used to help your staff take control of these situations as they arise. 

Mental illness is what can arise for a variety of reasons. It can be beyond the persons control, or it can be due to problems spiralling out of control and leading to further issues.

Myndr talks a little bit about the differences between mental health and mental illness. We discuss what is available in the market and share our experiences of having mental illness. We do not diagnose mental illness. Nor do we encourage others to diagnose themselves. What we do encourage is for those who feel like they need further help to speak to a medical professional. Myndr has several medical expert partners who support us with both our workshops, but after care advice. 


Myndr offers consultancy services for Business Owners around developing team culture for better mental wellness, Autistic Spectrum Disorder advice and training (for owners and staff) and better female health at work.

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As well as our full range of employee workshops, Myndr is building a web application which helps employees work on their own mental fitness 24/7. We’d love for your team to be part of a closed trial. Send us an email and we’ll be in touch soon!

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